Kosher Vegan Currywurst

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We were curious and visited the Bleibergs, a kosher-vegetarian restaurant and coffee shop run by very friendly Russians. Doesn’t that sound so New Yorkerish?

Bleibergs kosher Currywurst

I opted for the Currywurst with Pommes (French fries) , my son for the vegan Hamburger and my wife for the good food: A salmon with fresh vegetables.

Astonishingly enough my Currywurst was “prima” (good), the Pommes were saved by the tasty ketchup. About the burger we don’t talk. The bun was excellent. Beyond Meat is a far better choice for the patty.

Bleibergs kosher Hamburger

Pricewise it was also New Yorkerish. We paid 66 €. The salmon was fair priced, the rest too expensive in my eyes.

They also have a coffee shop. I think we would more go there for a coffee and a piece of cake than for Dinner.

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