Cooking Papa – Korean Restaurant in Wilmersdorfer Strasse

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Normally I behave in restaurants. In Cooking Papa I yelled at the elderly service lady.

Cooking Papa – Korean Restaurant in Wilmersdorfer Strasse

First I visited the toilette. Wow, the toilet looked very authentic. I should have left immediately, but we ordered already. I ordered Ginseng, Ginger and something like Yuzu tea. The old waitress served it by putting the glasses somewhere on the table together with a plastic bottle of honey. When I tried to squeeze it, my hand was full of honey. The bottle was full with honey and never cleaned. I ignored it and tried to clean my hands on the tissue, the waitress placed before somewhere on the table.

Cooking Papa – Korean Restaurant in Wilmersdorfer Strasse

Now food came. Even I explained her, we wanted to share, she brought only plates with the dishes. So I asked her for bowls. She delivered bowls. Two bowls were uncleaned, real dirty. This was the moment I lost my temper and yield, why she brings us dirty plates. She collected them and cleaned the bowls and brought them back, thumb inside! Latest now I should have been going, but I tried the food and we were hungry. The food was tasting well.

Cooking Papa – Korean Restaurant in Wilmersdorfer Strasse invoice

In between a stray dog visited the restaurant. It looks like he was on his tour collecting food from the floor. After less than a minute it left chewing the place.
In fact I was waiting all the time that a smiling host will approach our table with some flowers and tell us “Welcome to Candid Camera!”, but my movie was real.

My family complained in the night about belly pain. I was okay. The taste of the food was fine. In total it was a bit pricey for what you get. Specially in times of corona I would avoid the hygiene concept of Cooking Papa. I don’t think we will go there again. My family for sue not.

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