Restaurant review Japanese restaurant Sasaya, Berlin

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After the failure with GO! by Steffen Henssler, several readers drew my attention to Sasaya in Prenzlauer Berg. The menu is divided into creative sushi and traditional. I think that’s good. The chef is supposed to come from Düsseldorf.In Düsseldorf, I like to eat the sushi in the basement of the Schadow Arkaden at Maruyasu. The fish quality is excellent and the rice is acceptable.

We ordered and struggled through Berlin traffic to Prenzelberg to pick up the sushi there – pandemic. The place looked promising. Very Japanese!

The start was great. The ikayaki, grilled octopus, was small but excellent.

2 x Ikayaki

Otoro and Chu-toro were okay in taste. One chu-toro nigiri tasted strongly of gari because it was laying sloppy on the fish. Also, the chu-toro looked strangely cut, more torn than cut.

The sushi did not excite any of us. The fish was okay, but the rice had a strong, dominant vinegar note and was overcooked. I wonder if that was a slip that day. I don’t know, but my need to drive 30 minutes there and 40 back was limited. We always pay for our own food. Between the three of us, we paid 115 euros. (we did not take a photo of the Nigiri Omakase)

Honestly? I’d rather get Toro Sashimi at THE CATCH (rice is not constantly good there either, often a bit too sweet), I can walk there to Catch. For us, it wasn’t worth the long walk to Sasaya. Maybe another time – when you can eat there – we will go there again and try again. The desire is low at the moment, though. CR

Japanese Cuisine Sasaya, Lychenerstraße. 50, 10437 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)
Opening hours:
Thurs. to Mon.
12-15:00 ( last order at 14:30 )
18-23:00 ( last order at 22:00 )
Tel : 030-4471.7721 – Reservation necessary

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