Michelin Star Restaurants in Berlin 2022

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The results of the Guide Michelin Germany 2022. The best star restaurant in Berlin is Marco Müller’s RUTZ with three stars!

Marco Müller

Even though Berlin only got one new star for Steven Zeidler at “Bricole” in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin remains the leading German gourmet city!
Two stars – “Cinco” and “Pauly Saal” – were lost due to closure, while the “Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer” gets to keep its two despite the departure of their chef Hendrik Otto.

The best Berlin restaurant is once again the “Rutz” with three stars, the two-star league continues with “Coda,” “Horvath,” “Tim Raue” and “Facil” together with the “Lorenz Adlon”, which will reopen on May 17 with the new head Reto Brändli.

Müller is followed by five restaurants with two Michelin stars:

5 two-star Michelin Restaurants in Berlin
Berlins 1 Michelin Star Restaurants

Bib Gourmand restaurants are the cheaper version of a Michelin star restaurant.

Berlins Bib Gourmand Restaurants

All about the Michelin Star award ceremony in German language at Gourmet Report

We are missing some restaurants from Charlottenburg on the list! I.e. Lovis or Brikz should also get one Michelin star!

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