Berlin Hauptbahnhof second best in Europe’s Top 10 Passenger-Friendly Railway Stations

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Zurich in Switzerland leads the Top list followed by Berlin Frankfurt, Munich, Milan and Amsterdam.
Today, the Consumer Choice Center launched its third annual European Railway Station Index, highlighting the top 50 railway stations in Europe ranked by passenger-friendliness.

The index should be used to inform both consumers and administrators as to who is doing the best job accommodating passengers.

The top 10 railway stations according to the index are Zürich HB (Zurich, Switzerland), Frankfurt Main Hbf (Frankfurt, Germany), München Hbf (Munich, Germany), Berlin Hbf (Germany), Milano Centrale (Milan, Italy), Amsterdam Centraal (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Gare de Lyon (Paris, France), Roma Termini (Rome, Italy), Hannover Hbf (Hannover, Germany), and Düsseldorf Hbf (Düsseldorf, Germany).

Maria Chaplia, Research Manager at the Consumer Choice Center, said “as consumers across Europe rush to book business trips and vacations, our European Railway Index will come in handy. Furthermore, as Ukrainian refugees seek safety in Europe, the ability of train stations to provide all the key services, such as Wi-Fi connection, wheelchair  access,  the  availability  of  shops  and  kiosks can also be life-saving.”

“Zürich HB in Zurich, Switzerland leads the list of best railway stations in Europe. Even though the station doesn’t have the highest number of international and domestic destinations, it has a high number of shops/kiosks and restaurants and take-away places for consumers to choose from,” explained Chaplia Berlin based Gourmet Report.

“Due to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, we removed Russia from the Index and added a few more European stations instead,” said Chaplia.

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