10 best bakeries in Berlin

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How do you recognize a German in an American supermarket?
He presses into every loaf of bread and ends up buying a couple of bagels.

10 best bakeries in Berlin

Bread is very important for Germans. That is also reflected in the huge selection that Germany has. What the Anglo-Saxons call bread is toast for Germans and not very popular.

Bread is not bread either. The packaged industrial bread should be left in the supermarket. As a rule, it is not particularly healthy. Also the “bakeries” of the discounters are only baked up industrial bread.
The baking craft lives in the small stores. This is where you should shop.
The gourmet magazine Falstaff let its readers vote for the “best bakeries in Germany”. You can see the Berlin result on the list. If you want a result from outside Berlin, go directly to Falstaff.

Berlin is not considered a bread stronghold like Bonn, for example. But in recent years, Berlin bakers have been catching up. Enjoy the real Bread, buy from a good Bäckerei!

BTW: Hotel bread rolls or bread is mostly also industrial bread. It is a shame! If it is “good” bread, they would state it.

Of course, the above list is not the 100% truth, but only shows which bakeries are popular with Falstaff readers.
We would be happy if you name your favorite bakery in the comments, which might be missing here.
I like Gragger, but it is missing here!

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