Grand Hyatt Berlin soon to open “Deli 1838”

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It’s hard to imagine, but Potsdamer Platz was once an idyllic green space on the edge of the city designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. In 1838, the new long-distance train station changed everything here and the quiet spot in front of Potsdamer Tor became one of Europe’s most important traffic hubs with the world’s first traffic lights.

Grand-Hyatt-Berlin-1838-Deli-Coffee-Interieur ©Florian Kroll

Deli 1838

With the new Deli 1838, the Grand Hyatt hotel recalls this time and at the same time builds a bridge to the here and now with a modern offer: Potsdamer Platz as a center of attraction for Berliners and tourists with an eventful history and forward-looking architecture.

Deli 1838 will soon be offering coffee specialties, fresh juices such as orange juice, grapefruit with walnut syrup and green apple, as well as smoothies – green and red – and of course sweet and savory dishes that can be enjoyed on site in a stylish ambience or on the go. Barista Marian Bolecke says in the Gourmet Report interview: “Sandwiches with pastrami or grilled vegetables, wraps and the breakfast bowl in particular are perfect to take away.” The delicious bagels, which are freshly sliced and individually topped when ordered, are also a hit. There is a choice of truffle cream, butter and tomato cream as a base, with pastrami, chicken salami, mortadella, butter cheese, burrata and goat’s cheese on top. A freshly prepared soup is also offered daily.

Special creations from the in-house patisserie complete the selection – including cinnamon buns, cookie crumble, vegan muesli bars and cookies as well as walnut slices. Seasonal tarts such as pumpkin pie, special Deli 1838 pastries such as Paris-Brest – cream puff rings with hazelnut buttercream – and classics such as carrot cake invite you to linger, but can of course also be taken away.

As in the hotel’s restaurants, Deli 1838 places great emphasis on quality. Fresh preparation and creative ideas are a matter of course in order to meet the standards of the 5-star hotel.

The Hyatt company recognized the area’s potential early on and so the Grand Hyatt – as one of the first hotels on the once derelict border area – has been part of the new image of Potsdamer Platz since 1998. As the logo suggests, the Deli 1838 will also adopt the style of the luxury hotel and create a link to the past with special details.

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