Dali Museum Berlin closed

Berlin Dalí Museum says “Tschüss” and thanks its fans

Dali Museum Berlin closed

Almost 500 fans of Salvador Dalí’s art visited the museum “Dalí – The Exhibition at Potsdamer Platz” last weekend, despite the special times imposed by Corona. Since the evening of the 4th Advent, the museum is permanently closed at this location. Museum director Carsten Kollmeier and his team thanked the more than two million visitors who have visited the house in the past 13 years some of them several times: “It has been both a pleasure and an honor for us to be able to present Salvador Dalí as a virtuoso master in almost all techniques of art to an international audience. ‘Come into my brain,’ Dalí himself once invited, and more than two million visitors have enthusiastically accepted this invitation in Berlin’s pulsating Mitte.”

On two floors and around 1,500 square meters, the museum’s extensive permanent exhibition showed more than 450 original exhibits by the Spanish surrealist from February 4, 2009 to December 19, 2021, 364 days a year. In addition, there were special exhibitions, such as “Moses and Monotheism” (Sigmund Freud) until the end.

On the future of the collection, founder and museum developer Carsten Kollmeier says, “We are following the creative spirit of Salvador Dalí and reinventing ourselves. We are transforming the museum to present the surreal worlds of the exceptional artist at a new location in the future – larger, more colorful, more modern and more sustainable than before. We’re looking forward to it!”

At the moment, Carsten Kollmeier’s team is already examining the first promising offers: “We already have a large number of exciting national and international offers from the real estate world on the table and are sounding them out. The whole team is excited to see where the journey will take us.”

The museum “Dalí – Die Ausstellung am Potsdamer Platz” is the first and to date probably the only purely privately run art museum in Germany. From the outset, it ranked among the top ten percent of all museums in Germany in terms of visitor response, making it one of the most visited art museums. When the Dalí Museum opened in the center of Berlin in 2009, Leipziger Platz was still almost a wasteland. Carsten Kollmeier: “It’s hard to imagine that today, as the last object connecting Leipziger Platz to Potsdamer Platz was finally completed this year after now more than 30 years of the fall of the Wall.”