Brandenburger Landpartie 2023 (June 10-11) in the north

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On the second weekend in June, the federal state of Brandenburg celebrates the 28th Brandenburg Landpartie. Farmers, fishermen, beekeepers, gardeners, rural manufactories and institutions open their doors and invite you to the Brandenburg Landpartie on Brandenburg’s birthday weekend. Here are some tips for the north of Brandenburg

Lobetaler Bio-Molkerei – Hofladen Barnim

County of Prignitz

In the northwest of Brandenburg, four first-time participants are looking forward to interested guests. At the PAE Marktfrucht GmbH in Putlitz, the Brandenburger Landpartie will be opened on Saturday, June 10, starting at 10 am. PAE Marktfrucht offers an insight into “pure agriculture” with arable farming and the production of renewable energy and is also a training company. “Pure agriculture” is also offered on both days of the Landpartie by Landgeschmack – Agrargenossenschaft Görike in the Gumtower district of Görike. Here one can see sheep and lambs, visit with a tractor-crusher the paddocks of mother cows and calves and experience thereby everything about cattle breeding and agriculture farming.

Ostprignitz-Ruppin County

Here, classics such as the Hildebrand deer farm in the Freyenstein district of Wittstock, where you can feed dam deer and stroke highland cattle, look forward to the country party guests (Sat+Sun). In another Wittstock district, in Karstedtshof, “Homemade” shows how consistent pasture farming leads to high-quality food (Sat+Sun). In Vichel, a district of Temnitztal, the organic seed farm “Keimzelle” offers guided tours of the farm and cultivation areas as well as seeds of old and rare crops in Demeter quality (Sat+Sun). 

District of Oberhavel

Among the total of 21 Landpartie Hosts in Oberhavel there are four first-time participants. For example, Schloss und Gut Liebenberg in the district of the same name in the municipality of Löwenberger Land. Here the smallest ones learn in the exhibition “animals of the forest”, what is to discover in the native forest (Sat+Sun) and with a herb walk on Saturday you will be informed about wild plants and health herbs. History lovers will not miss out on the estate either.

It is also recommended to take a tour to four farms in the Zehdenick districts. At Bergsdorfer Wiesenrind, a training farm, you can experience “pure agriculture” (Sat+Sun). At Gartenbau Schulz, also in Bergsdorf, there are demonstrations of production and greenhouse tours, as well as the opportunity to harvest and purchase many varieties of vegetables and plants yourself (Sat+Sun). At Thomashof Klein-Mutz you can relax in a charming rural ambience and learn interesting facts about self-sufficiency farms (Sat+Sun). The “Gläserne Imkerei” Bienenklause e.V. in Neuhof shows how the honey comes into the glass and on a bee nature trail, what all happens before for it (Sat+Sun).

On the trout yard Nassenheide (municipality Löwenberger country, local part Nassenheide) there is a fishing program with award ceremony for large and small. Equipment is available for rent on site. (Sat-Sun)

Uckermark County

In the Uckermark, among many other hosts, the Wolters farm cheese dairy in Bandelow, a district of the municipality of Uckerland, welcomes guests to the Brandenburg Landpartie as a long-standing participant. The show dairy provides insights into the production and in the Q-Regio Hall, which is within walking distance. A wide range of other regional specialties awaits the visitors of the Landpartie (Sat+Sun). Those who like flowers will certainly find their host at Rosenhof Flemming (municipality of Uckerland, district of Karlstein). On the weekend of the Landpartie the rose blossom festival takes place here. With it also friendly companies with natural soaps, honey products, ceramics and knitwear (Sat+Sun). With the Bioland Rosenschule Uckermark in Radelow, a district of the municipality of Mescherin, a first-time participant also dedicates itself to the floristic symbol of love and – in addition to information on roses and accompanying perennials – lets this beautiful flower go through the stomach with a rosy snack (Sat+Sun).

Host directory for the Landpartie

Information about all hosts of the 28th Brandenburger Landpartie is available in the Brandenburger Landpartie brochure. This is available in printed form in the tourist information of the country as well as in the farm stores of the participants as well as as flip book or downloadable pdf under Here one can search in a search mask also purposefully for regions and/or products or select the brochure and further publications of the federation pro agro under “catalogs order” for the classical post office dispatch.

On the sidelines: On Sunday of the Brandenburg Countryside Weekend, June 11, Brandenburg celebrates its 866th birthday, or it could, if one had this “regional holiday” on the screen and wanted to celebrate.

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