Ice cream prices in Berlin on record high

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What happened to the ice cream prices?

Prices like on another continent

Not only strange varieties like licorice – ginger, but also the prices per scoop make you think you are on another planet and not in Berlin.

Just two – three years ago, a scoop of ice cream cost one euro. Well, the outrageous ones like Häagen-Dazs were already taking €1.80 for their industrial ice cream from General Mills, the sixth largest food producer in the world.

But what has happened now? Suddenly you can hardly find ice cream for less than €2.20 per scoop. Even three euros has already been spotted!
The ice cream parlors claim, of course, that everything has become more expensive and that they now offer larger scoops at the request of customers! But the statistics do not give that!

Anyway, we still know some nice ice cream parlors where the ice cream costs two euros or less.

Our favorite is Eis-Schober at Wilmersdorfer Strasse 92/94, where the scoop costs €1.50 (previously €1.20). Recommendable is “Gebrannte Mandel“ (Roasted Almond)(Roasted Almond).

Another High Lite is “Sweet2go” across from the playground on Ludwig-Kirch-Platz in Pfalzburger Str. 79. The scoop costs €1.80 and the small “Kinder-Kugel” €1.50. Chocolate and nut varieties are recommended.

Another ice cream parlor with reasonable prices is Roberts Cafe at Bleibtreustrasse 50 with 1.80 €/scoop (yogurt-orange).

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