Jamie Oliver plans restaurant in Friedrichstrasse

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The exact date for the opening is still a secret, as the Berliner Morgenpost first reported. But the kitchen team for the “Jamie Oliver Kitchen”, which is set to open in Friedrichstrasse in spring 2024, has already been confirmed.

Fusili con Ragu

The head chef is Alessandro Antonelli and comes from Tuscany, his sous-chef is Pascal Kuhn. Antonelli has always been passionate about healthy food. Last October, the Jamie Oliver Group hired the 25-year-old chef and sent him on a two-week crash course at a Jamie restaurant in Nicosia (Cyprus). He cooks strictly according to Jamie Oliver recipes. “It’s not about my own signature style as a chef,” says Antonelli.

Jamie Oliver’s first restaurant on German soil will serve the best of the world’s cuisines. As a franchise partner, the Brit has chosen the Berlin catering professionals from BMB, as the Berliner Morgenpost reports. Among other things, they run the trendy rooftop bar 260 Grad near the East Side Gallery and the superfood restaurant Ki-Nova on Potsdamer Platz. The Brit developed the so-called “Fusion Kitchen” by traveling around the world and working with chefs from all over the world. The Jamie Oliver Kitchen at Friedrichstraße 136 is currently planned to seat 90 to 100 people. If the concept is well received, a second restaurant is set to open in City West. If you want a taste of Jamie’s adventurous creations, you should go to the winter market at the Humboldtforum. There you can get cheese spaetzle croquettes or mushroom stroganoff à la Jamie.

Business people in Friedrichstrasse hope that the Jamie Oliver restaurant will give new impetus to the suffering street.

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