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Unfortunately it is not possible to visit your favourite restaurant at the moment due to Covid 19. Nevertheless, on DEHOGA Berlin webpage you have the possibility to enjoy your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant – pick it up or simply order it directly to your home. While it’s convenient and safe for you, you are supporting your favourite restaurant in difficult times, thus ensuring that there is still a great culinary variety in Berlin after the curfew, which we all love.

To do this, enter your five digit postcode or search term in the appropriate search field and discover restaurants that are ready to offer you a delicious meal “to go”. The pick-up or delivery options, contact details and information about the food will be displayed when you click on the pin, with each pin representing a restaurant near you. The blue pin marks the centre of the postcode you have entered.

We are happy about everyone who marks their food order with the hashtag #berlinliefert as part of the #berlinliefert campaign and thus contributes to solidarity in Berlin.

PLEASE do not order via delivery service companies (like Lieferando), that cash between 12 and 25 % commission from the Restaurant!


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