Kochu Karu is back!

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After a two-month renovation break, Kochu Karu in Prenzlauer Berg is shining in new splendor for its reopening on July 23, 2021, and not just in terms of interior design. Likewise, owner Bini Lee-Zauner, chef José Miranda Morillo, and their team will start with an ambitious menu, where guests can choose between three and seven courses.

Bini Lee-Zauner und Küchenchef José Miranda Morillo

Their product-focused, confidence-driven cuisine is all about the motto: 50 percent Korea, 50 percent Spain, 100 percent Berlin.

Since it all began in 2012, Kochu Karu on Eberswalder Straße in Prenzlauer Berg has been known for its combination of Spanish and Korean cuisine, which is unique not only in Berlin. After two months of creative and remodeling break, Kochu Karu now opens its doors in new freshness on Friday, July 23, 2021. Guests can look forward to more than just an update of the interior: a new, monthly menu beckons, from which they can choose from three to seven courses.

“When we first started, we did a lot of things simply on instinct” explains host Bini Lee-Zauner of the evolution of her popular eatery. “Within the last ten years, however, our own and partly idiosyncratic signature has become increasingly clear. The aim of our break was to now implement this clearly and confidently in the room and menu. Instead of individual dishes, we now lead the guest through the evening with an entire dramaturgy.”

Even though there are now plenty of Spanish and Korean restaurants in Berlin, Kochu Karu still stands out from the crowd. While there are plenty of inspirations and production techniques from both culinary cultures in José Miranda Morillos’ cuisine, it still has nothing to do with fusion – nor with vinegar kimchi or standard tapas.

“Korea and Spain have more in common than one might initially think: The respect for the product, the love of great, sometimes simple foods as well as the joy of techniques for preservation, which at the same time reveal new worlds of taste. Basically, we simply want to share the best of the traditions of our home countries with our guests – without clichés, but with the best food from the region around Berlin as well as a good portion of stubbornness,” José Miranda Morillo explains his approach.

What about it is nevertheless 100 percent Berlin? Host and sommelière Bini Lee-Zauner answers this as follows: “Berlin is the city of versatility – everyone comes together here. Nevertheless, you don’t have to pretend to be here. As people and as Kochu Karu, we are also far too special to be able to pretend at all. It may not suit everyone and you also need a dose of curiosity to step over our threshold. But once you’re here, we’ll take you with us – I promise!”

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