MANI Market by Ronen Dovrat Bloch

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Ronen Dovrat Bloch (AMANO Group) launches a food pop-up on Torstraße. The “MANI Market” opens on the terrace right next to the MANI hotel and restaurant. The atmosphere and fresh market cuisine is reminiscent of one of the many shuks in Tel Aviv. Right in the heart of Berlin.

MANI Market by Ronen Dovrat Bloch

Last week, the new MANI Market opened at Torstraße 134. While the outdoor tables of the adjacent MANI Restaurant are spread out on the beautiful courtyard patio as well as the terrace on Torstraße, the new space is home to a colorful pop-up concept. The space itself has 50 seats and in front of the space on the sidewalk 20 more.

As with all AMANO Group eateries, culinary director Ronen Dovrat Bloch is responsible for the culinary direction here. In addition to classic hummus, other typical Israeli food market dishes include sabich, sandwiches, salads, cauliflower, eggplant and fried squid with fries. Many of the dishes are suitable for family style, true to the motto: Sharing is caring!

Compared to the MANI restaurant, things are very informal here and the food is deliberately kept simple. It is the same with the seating in the market. It’s all about joie de vivre, good food, cold drinks and cheerful get-togethers, uncomplicated and colorful.

Open in good weather from 17:00, Monday through Saturday, reservations are not necessary, but possible and recommended. The pop-up concept is planned for this summer and will close again at the end of the year as temperatures get colder.

The hotel group has some exciting restaurant concepts in the works for this year. In the fall, Restaurant “Amigo Cohen” will open in the new Hotel ROMY at Hauptbahnhof. As the name suggests, this is an exciting mix of Mexican and Israeli food. At Hotel AMANO, the YAFO restaurant also became an official part of the AMANO family in early June.

In September, the group will open the Hotel AMANO EAST SIDE and here, too, there will be a large gastronomy area, which will probably be used as an event space for the time being, with Ronen Dovrat Bloch also responsible for the culinary side of things. (via Gourmet Report)

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