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In a big city like Berlin, a break in a coffee shop with a cup of coffee is a good idea. Coffee shops are a dime a dozen here, but which are actually the most popular in the city? Smaller specialty coffee roasters that sell coffee with passion and a sustainable approach don’t miss out in Berlin.

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Coffeefriend, an international retailer of coffee and coffee machines, has filtered this out using an analysis of stars and reviews in Google Maps conducted at the end of January. The coffee shops in Berlin had to have at least 4.5 stars and 500 reviews to make the shortlist. The star rating went into the final score at 60 percent and the number of reviews at 40 percent. One coffee shop also made it into the top 10 most popular coffee shops in Germany’s ten largest cities.

“At Coffeefriend, we’ve made it our mission to bring everyone the best coffee experiences at home and at work. But there’s also a great coffee culture out and about in the city that shouldn’t be missed. Because we believe that everyone has the right to a good cup of coffee!”, says Aurimas Vainauskas, CEO of Coffeefriend.

Those are the ten most popular coffee shops in Berlin:

Ben Rahim
Ben Rahim is a fine coffee shop in the heart of Berlin and ranked #2 nationally. The coffeeshop offers hand-brewed coffee and follows its own unique philosophy: coffee is the absolute focus, so there is no sugar, no milk, no spoons. The creations are designed to be enjoyed without additives. Payment is by credit card only, and a tip is not necessary because that is already included in the prices. This allows the staff to devote themselves entirely to their customers’ orders.

Sophienstrasse 7 I 10178 Berlin

Tigertörtchen – berlin cupcakes
The Tigertörtchen exists twice in Berlin and offers mainly delicious cupcakes and other sweet treats. Nevertheless, the café has made it into the top 10 coffee shops in Berlin, because the selection of coffees is diverse: from regular coffee to latte macchiato to flat white, there is everything for frahling lovers.

Spandauer Str. 25 und Chausseestraße 60 in Mitte

Father Carpenter
Whether filter coffee, cappuccino, Americano, Cortado or Mocha: The Father Carpenter has all coffee specialties and is undisputedly one of the most popular coffee shops in Berlin. The cozy backyard is ideal for enjoying coffee in a pleasant atmosphere while grabbing a bite to eat.

Münzstraße 21 I 10178 Berlin

Oslo Coffee Bar
Since opening in July 2012, Oslo Kaffeebar has aimed to create a cozy and simple environment for guests. The focus is on some of the best house roasted espresso and filter coffees, as well as homemade cookies and cakes. The mix of concrete, rough exterior and interior design, and Norwegian wooden elements creates a unique coffee shop that is one of the most popular in the city.

Eichendorffstrasse 13 I 10115 Berlin

The Espressonists
A coffeeshop that specializes in espresso and everything that goes with it. Here you can get espresso from a portafilter machine and a large assortment of different espresso specialties. The Esspressonisten invite to exciting stories and also to the simply-only-so-Schmökern with a drink in the Caffè bar.

Zimmerstrasse 90 I 10117 Berlin

Chapter One Coffee
The small coffee shop is located directly at the subway station Gneisenaustraße and convinces customers with a simple but cozy interior and selected coffee specialties. In addition to cappuccino, flat white or espresso, Chapter One also has coffee classics on ice: customers here can choose from colddrip (optionally with milk) and iced latte.

Mittenwalder Str. 30, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Two Planets
The coffee shop’s simple interior blends in perfectly with its surroundings, as the store is located in the middle of Hermannstraße in the heart of Neukölln. The coffee shop can score points with the Italian variants espresso, cappuccino and latte. In addition, there are Cortado, Mocha and Americano or special creations such as the colorful Beetroot Latte.

Hermannstrasse 230 I 12049 Berlin

Impala Coffee
There are a total of four coffee shops in the capital. Since 2003, Impala Coffee has been providing customers with high-quality ingredients and its own coffee roasts. In addition, the coffee shop offers its own coffee variety “Africa Queen”. The standard range also includes cappuccino, mocha, caramelito and various espresso variations.

Maaßenstrasse 5, 10777 Berlin, Germany

Refinery High End Coffee
This coffee shop impresses with its high quality coffee. True coffee connoisseurs will love the special coffees because of the perfect espresso. In addition, every month Refinery High End Coffee offers a new outstanding coffee speciality from only one area of origin – mostly from Africa or South America. Another special feature: the coffee is brewed with a machine customized by hand.

Albrechtstrasse 11B I 10117 Berlin

The Greens – Coffee and Plants
Directly on the Spree River exists a unique coffee shop: The Greens – Coffee and Plants. The interior of the store is the perfect harmony of plants, coziness and café, where the plants are adapted to the seasons. The coffee beans are organic and fair trade and are made into the classic espresso specialties cappuccino, Americano or flat white. As cold coffee creations, there is the Cold Brew seasonally and the Iced Latte as standard on the menu.

Am Krögel 2 | 10179 Berlin

Das sind die beliebtesten Coffeeshops in Berlin. Coffeefriend, ein internationaler Einzelhändler für Kaffee und Kaffeemaschinen, hat dies mittels einer Ende Januar durchgeführten Analyse der Sterne und Rezensionen in Google Maps herausgefiltert. Die Coffeeshops in Berlin mussten dabei mindestens 4,5 Sterne und 500 Bewertungen haben, um in die engere Auswahl zu kommen. Die Sternebewertung ging mit 60 Prozent und die Anzahl der Rezensionen mit 40 Prozent in die Endbewertung ein.

Germany’s Top 10 Coffee Shops

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