Lovis: Pleasure in the women’s prison

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My wife wanted to go to prison and to enjoy there. That’s going well now that the prison has moved out and a hotel has moved in instead. In the hotel restaurant Lovis cooks the former sous chef of three-star chef Marco Müller, Sophia Rudolph.

Shoulder of Iberico

At first there was a problem: finding the house. We walked there because you can’t get a parking space in the area anyway. I briefly looked at the map: Kantstrasse behind Windscheid in the direction of the ICC. When I got there, I only walked past three times. Nothing indicates a fine dining restaurant or hotel. Only in the courtyard entrance is a discreet bell.

Through the gateway you enter a pretty courtyard and see a second gate, where I guess the bad girls used to enter. We cut left and go into a basement. Here the papers are checked. It is desired “Vaccinated & Boosted & TEST”. After that you give your stuff and go through the bar. Now you come into a beautiful room, where behind glass is garden. Besides, there are also tables here. The area probably belongs to the basement bar. It is the former courtyard, now covered. After that you enter another courtyard. This is the generously designed dining hall. All very cool and atmospheric. For fine dining, it’s pretty big here.

In addition to a la carte, there’s a four- or six-course menu, with optional vegetarian options. We chose the “regular” four-course menu for €79, plus a glass of champagne for €17.

It started with an amuse bouche, which my hungry son ate away at me, so I can say little about it. He enjoyed it.

After that came a rather successful “salad” course of the various betes. Small, but nice. With the salad came a few slices of very good bread and lathered “parsley butter”.

My wife opted for the confit trout from the producer “25 Teiche” – that was a great choice.

I had the vegetable dashi with buckwheat raviolo. Personally, it was too heartily salted, my wife said that was still fine. It was tasty.

After that we had the main course. Iberico shoulder. I was surprised that it was Iberico, because the motto here is also supposed to be “local”. No matter! It was a decent portion now. Flavor-wise, it reminded me a lot of the flavorful Secreto de Iberico, except this one wasn’t roasted as much. I would have liked a potato, to soak up the sauce. However, I had wisely saved a slice of bread. So the plate went back almost clean. Sophia Rudolph can cook without a doubt! A strong course in every aspect!

Dessert was also delicious: pumpkin, marshmallow and popcorn.

There were a few petits fours to go with the bill. Service was pleasant throughout. The young waiter brought a fabulous enthusiasm about the cuisine to the guest.

Summary: Before the meat course, I blasphemed that if need be, Windburger was around the corner in case we didn’t get our fill. We didn’t need to go to Windburger. We got our fill just fine. A great location and a recommendable kitchen. We will certainly go here again, as the price are reasonable. We left the house happy!


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