Berlin Food Week 2022

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9th Berlin Food Week from 10 to 16 October 2022
Austria is country partner
Restaurant Week City Menu puts New Meat on the menus of restaurants in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart


Berlin Food Week will take place this year from October 10 to 16. In addition to Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart will also be the venues for the extensive program. The festival encourages an enjoyable and at the same time resource-conserving diet and thus wants to help shape a new mainstream. “We firmly believe in nutritional change through enjoyment. After all, creativity in kitchens and the choice of sustainable products has never been higher. More and more people are developing an awareness that our individual diets can make a difference. With our program, we want to inspire precisely that,” says Alexandra Laubrinus, managing director of Berlin Food Week.

Variety from across the border is provided by country partner Austria. The alpine country shows itself from a fresh and unusual side. The nine federal states and their unique dishes, producers and restaurateurs will whet visitors’ appetites for sustainable travel. In addition to a Berlin interpretation of a typical Frühschoppen in the wine bar Freundschaft, the event plan includes Alpensushi in the restaurant Weinlobbyist, a workshop with the Viennese restaurant JOLA and much more.

The city menu this year has the motto “Vom Rinde verweht”. At the restaurant happening, restaurants in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart will serve menus in which alternative protein sources and meat substitutes – also known as New Meat – play the main role. The cooperation partner is the Israeli company Redefine Meat. Orania Restaurant in Berlin serves carpaccio of wild mushrooms with enoki mushrooms and shizo as an appetizer and Redefine Meat flank steak with Brussels sprouts and currants as a main course. On the menu at SchmitZ&CO, also in Berlin, the city menu features pumpkin, burrata, tomato and Brussels sprouts, cashew nut, onion. There are further commitments, for example, from the restaurants Stanley and Wir Komplizen in Frankfurt, togather, nineOfive, Birdie Deli and Hans Kebab in Munich, Landhaus Scherrer, Heimatjuwel, Hobenköök and 100/200 kitchen in Hamburg, as well as Bonvivant, Kochu Karu, 12seasons, Estelle Dining, Brasserie Colette Tim Raue, Terz, Cordo, Brikz, Schneeweiss and Eins44 in Berlin.

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