Bubar – the best crepes in Berlin

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In Charlottenburg on the Karl-August-Market Maitre Bubar sells his crepes on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

1 hour 10 minutes waiting time for Bubars Crepes and Galettes

Pancakes can be found in many places in Berlin. Once you’ve tried Bubar’s crepes, however, you’re spoiled and only want to eat the pancakes called crepes at his place.

Bubar trained as a pastry chef with Johann Joncour at the boulangerie pâtisserie Les Menhirs in Plomelin, a small town on the French Odet River near the coast of Brittany. Bubar simply enjoys artisan Breton crepes and galettes.

Bubar Crepes Berlin

Bubar, a Frenchman, has been a lawyer in a large international business law firm in Berlin. Despite successes, the job was much too dry for him. He decided to get a tangible education and became a pastry chef. Then he bought an old Peugeot bus, converted it and came back to Berlin – to offer real Breton crepes and galettes. He uses freshly ground buckwheat flour from France for galettes, spelt flour for crepes and and only organic eggs. His caramel is homemade. And only French salted butter ever goes on the crepes!

Bubar’s crepes are only available twice a week at Karl-August-Markt in Charlottenburg. However, you can also book Bubar for events.

Maitre Bubar actually doesn’t like to sell Nutella crepes, because the Nutella taste overpowers everything. But – if the customer wants it … He himself prefers to recommend (the much cheaper) caramel with a some salty butter.

Tip: If you arrive very late and the line is still long, you should ask if there is enough dough before you get in line!

If you want to book Maitre Bubar for your corporate event or party, you can find his details here.

Weekly market at Karl-August-Platz – Weimarerstr. / corner Pestalozzistr.
Opening hours: Wednesday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Wednesdays are not as long a wait!).

Bubar Crepes and Galettes Berlin

Maitre Bubar in action

There are very few eateries in the world where I wait in line for an hour or more. At Bubar, I do this regularly. Unfortunately, I have the impression that more and more people are joining me …..
I seriously wonder when the Michelin will mention Bubar.

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