Berlin Ice Cream Week 2023

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Berlin’s artisanal ice cream festival in the city’s best ice cream shops

Korean Ice cream

Buffalo ricotta cheese and grated pistachios, dark chocolate with whisky and hazelnut crumbs; goat cheese, figs and mustard, almond with limoncello cream… These are just some of the extraordinary ice cream flavours offered by the 43 artisanal ice cream shops at the fourth edition of the Berlin Ice Cream Week, from 20 to 26 April 2023.

Each ice cream place has its own special flavour and will offer a scoop for only €1.50. These flavours are made just for the event and are really valuable for the good raw materials the are made of and the attentive preparation. The aim is to celebrate the best artisanal ice cream shops in Berlin, a city that has now become a benchmark in Germany for the quality and variety of its offerings. 

To find the way around more easily during that week, True Italian has also created a paper map of Berlin with all the participating ice cream shops and the flavours they offer. An online version is also available on Google Maps.

The Berlin Ice Cream Week will not only be an occasion for all sweet tooths: thanks to a photo contest on Instagram there will also be a chance to win a stay in Pisa! There will also be the opportunity to join an offline competition, in which participants can win other great prizes by collecting stamps by just visiting the ice cream shops. In short, this will not be the week to go on a diet.

Berlin Ice Cream Week, how it works

True Italian has selected 43 of the best artisanal ice cream shops in Berlin and asked each one to create a special, imaginative, creative flavour with drawn ingredients, which will be offered for one week only at the price of €1.50 per scoop. 

From 20 to 26 April, every Berliner will be able to visit the participating ice cream shops and taste the offered flavour (full list here).

Berlin Ice Cream Week, organisers and partners

The event is organised by True Italian (brand of Berlin Italian Communication) and Duo Sicilian Ice Cream in cooperation with Fugar, Kulero, RECUP, and others and the Hotel La Torre Garbata in Pisa.

Why prefer an artisanal ice cream instead of an industrial one?

When we enter a café or ice-cream shop, our eye falls on the appearance and presentation of the ice cream boxes in the freezer. It is usually not so difficult to distinguish industrially produced, flashier and more fake-coloured ice cream from artisanal ice cream with a simpler and more natural appearance. Artisanal ice cream is characterized by small-scale production, is usually made with fresh milk and fresh fruit without the addition of additives and treatments, and is sold directly to the consumer. This is why artisanal ice cream is associated with a more homemade, fresh and genuine flavour. With this event we intend to celebrate the quality of good artisanal ice cream.

The ice cream market in Italy and Germany

The artisanal ice cream market is growing steadily: in 2022, the European ice cream market had a total turnover of around 10 billion euros, 13% more than in 2021. Italy and Germany are the European countries with the largest spread of artisanal ice cream. According to data from Sigep 2023, there are at least 9.000 ice cream shops in Germany. This number in Europe is second only to that of Italy, which has 39.000 ice cream shops.

Berlin Ice Cream Week 2023

From 20 to 26 April in 43 of Berlin’s best ice cream shops.

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