Tim Tanneberger earns his first Michelin-star for theNOname

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A new star shines in Berlin’s restaurant sky: at the Michelin star ceremony in Karlsruhe in April, chef Tim Tanneberger officially received the coveted award for the cuisine at theNOname.

theNOName: Tim Tanneberger, Berlin © Florian Kroll

Thanks to the creative freedom afforded him by the owners and management of theNOname restaurant, the Berlin-born chef has been able to experiment a great deal and, together with his team, has created a creative style that has a signature all its own. What remains constant is the high quality of the products, the use of rare products, the wealth of ideas and the first-class technique that Tanneberger has mastered.

“An award like this can only be achieved through teamwork,” says Tim Tanneberger, “and in the case of theNOname, thanks also go to owner Joachim Köhrich and managing director Janina Atmadi, who have our backs and always encourage us to think in new ways.” With the slogan “no limits, no boundaries,” the restaurant stands for exciting diversity and freedom in every way. Janina Atmadi, who as a career changer has maintained an unbiased view of gastronomy, had a vision from the beginning to offer a stimulating experience with theNOname and to break new ground with art. Tim Tanneberger continues this approach while providing a contemporary direction with his passion for plant-based cuisine. “The star came as a great surprise now,” says Janina Atmadi, “and everyone on the team deserves it.” That’s especially true for sous chef Konrad Most, who works closely with Tanneberger and has been with theNOname restaurant since it opened. Sommelière Sarah Buchbinder and restaurant manager Mathias Raue also play a key role in shaping the restaurant. Especially after the hard time the pandemic has imposed on the entire gastronomy, which the team of the young, not yet established restaurant theNOname has overcome together with the management thanks to cohesion and courage, this award makes you want to look forward to the future.

The team’s loyalty is no coincidence: while Joachim Köhrich maintained the protective framework needed by a restaurant dedicated to art and a hedonistic lifestyle even during the pandemic, Janina Atmadi is always committed on site, supporting the team and enabling guests to enjoy unusual experiences. So much heart and enthusiasm is infectious and so everyone is ready to give the best for theNOname – first without, now with star.

theNOname is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 pm. Reservations by e-mail at info@the-noname.de or by phone at +49 (30) 27 90 990-26.


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