The 5 best Places for Currywurst in Berlin

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28.2.2020 – with updates. Berliners like to snack and their favorite snack besides Döner is a fried sausage with a curry ketchup and with french fries, called Currywurst.

Berliners like to snack and their favorite snack besides Döner is a fried sausage with a curry ketchup and with french fries, called Currywurst.
Gabis Imbiss – best Currywurst Berlin

25 years ago my friend Yasuaki from Japan visited German frequently. The poor guy was only eating the white, steamed rice in the China restaurants. He was told, food is dangerous in Germany. I did not know that and forced my friend to the “Currywurst Bude” (Snackbar). Out of Japanese politeness he ate it. And to his surprise it was very tasty and he did not become sick. He asked me how to order. So his first German sentence was “Eine Currywurst mit Darm und Pommes Rot Weiß! Bitte! ” Meaning, a Curry Sausage with “Darm” and French Fries with Mayonnaise and Ketchup (red white). Please!

There are many different types. Main difference is always “with or without” Darm, the sausage casing. “with” is more crispy, while “without” is more smooth.

In the following years when Yasuaki visited me, he always visited a Currywurst Bude. He refined the sentence to “Zwei (two) Curry mit, Pommes rotweiß, und CocaCola, bitteschön!” Impressive correct order.

Where is the best Currywurst in Berlin?

I invited my friend Hansen to a Currywurst. He also liked it. When he discovered the city, he ordered Currywurst by himself. In the evening when we met, he complained. “My Currywurst was not tasting same good as with you. How come?”

All make the Currywurst different. Some really tastes bad, others are divine. If you want to keep two Berliners busy, you ask both together, where you get the best Currywurst.

The ultimative chart for the best Currywurst in Berlin

1. Gabis Imbiss is the best
This is a task. Gabi only works on a produce open market on Wednesday and Saturday on Charlottenburgs Karl-August-Platz. Only until 2 p.m.! (Wednesday only until 1!) Market is picturesque and I am sure it is written about in your guide. Sausage is 3,30 €. (Nov 2023), with “halbe Schrippe” (half bread roll) it is 3,50 €

2. Best Worscht
Now many of my friends will be very angry. This chain comes from Hesse. And true Currywurst – a Berlin invention – comes of course from Berlin! They even have typical Western German prices. Expensive! Their sausage is 3,90 € (Feb 2020). But you get a fantastic bread with it. And if you ask, they even give you two slices! Their booth is at the ugly Food Court at “Mall of Berlin”. If you have your political correct children with you, they can get at the food court also “Beyond meat” Hamburgers. Mall of Berlin is close to Potsdamer Platz (Sony Center).

3. Biers Kudamm 195
Here the Berliner goes with the girlfriend after theater or Opera and orders an excellent “Curry mit” (3,90 €), plus a bottle of Champagne (85 €). You’ll find the Hollywood Actress in the waiting line as the Uber driver.

4. Curry36 is a very good address as well. Here you need to order their eco sausage from Havelländer Apfelschwein. Very popular, also very regular prices (2,90 €). Curry36 has several branches, one right outside at the Zoo Station. Their branch in Main station is slightly more expensive.

Other popular places are Krasselt in Steglitz and Konopke in Eastberlin. The sausage at 6th at KaDeWe is also fine, but pricier. They have even chairs!

Many like to drink a beer with it, I prefer next to Gabi the Turkish booth, that is squeezing fresh orange juice (1.50 € for 0,2l). So I have something healthy.

Currywurst was accidentally invented by Hertha Heuwer at Stuttgarter Platz in the 50ties.
Hamburg and the Ruhrgebiet are claiming they invented the Currywurst, but they can not make tasty Wurst … 😉

The other popular Berlin fast food is Döner Kebab.

All prices of February 2020 if not indicated different

New prices: 5/2022
Gabis: 3,20 – OJ next door: 1,50
Best Worscht: ?
Biers: 3,70
Curry36: 2,80


The reader of Der Tagesspiegel, the leading Berlin newspaper, voted for following Currywurstbuden:

1. Zur Bratpfanne – in Steglitz Schloßstrasse Corner Kieler Strasse
I don’t like so much their Ketchup.
2. Curry Baude – in Mitte at U-Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen
Sorry, never have been there!
3. Imbiss Olympische Brücke – near Olympic Stadion
Never have been there
4. Ketchup & Fries in Spandau at Heerstrasse 185
Never have been there
5. About Curry – in Moabit, Bartningallee 20
Never have been there
6. Ziervogels – old address in East Berlin, Pankow. Schönhauser Allee 20
Never have been there
7. Curry Keule – Wedding, Müllerstrasse 47a
Never have been there
8. Arno’s Imbiss – Britz – Gutschmiedtstr. 32
Never have been there
9. Gabi’s Imbiss
see above original article
10. Marians Imbiss, Reinickendorf, Waidmannsluster Damm 16-18
Never have been there.

Some of them might be local heroes, but they are far away. Some of them are an hour drive away!

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