SHARE NOW introduces Pass 25 and 50 for reduced minute rates

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SHARE NOW, now introduces a monthly discount model, the SHARE NOW Pass. Similar to the Bahncard system, you save up to 50 percent of the minute price for each SHARE NOW journey. Especially people who are regularly and heavily ShareNow car sharing cars benefit from this offer. The Pass25 is initially available for 19.99 euros per month, the Pass50 for 89.99 euros.

Share Now, the joint venture of BMW and Mercedes and the first provider of free-floating car sharing in Berlin, seems to react with the Passes to heavy competition. Specially price aggressive former partner Sixt must be a pain in the neck, but as well MILES AND WE-SHARE.

Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW: “With the new SHARE NOW Pass, we would like to offer a price advantage especially to customers who regularly use one of our cars and thus also thank them for their loyalty. Especially in such turbulent times, it is especially important for many people to have access to the safest and most flexible mobility option possible”.

The virtual SHARE NOW pass can be booked at any time and is automatically extended for the next month. Registration is conveniently possible via the SHARE NOW website. Customers can easily manage the pass online and also cancel it at the end of the current booking month. The corresponding percentages automatically appear on the invoice at the end of the trip.

SHARE NOW is going another way than its competitors. I am using Share Now since many years. I never had a major problem with them. There were problems but they were solved conveniently by email correspondence. Miles and WeShare are just cheap, but with an extremely stupid support and non reliable apps. Sixt app is also not working always well. Share Now is the only well working app. You could say, it is the Mercedes of the Car Share Apps. Yes, it is more expensive and their prices go up, if demand is stronger. But it is reliable working.

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