Restaurant Bass, Xantener Strasse 9, Wilmersdorf

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I saw in a media release by Fork Reservation System, that they offer their restaurants with a 50 % discount. I thought it is some bait’n hook scheme, but no, we went to Restaurant Bass and had unconditional on EVERYTHING 50 % discount. Unbelievable.

Restaurant Bass Eierlikör Parfait with great homemade chocolate ice cream.

The deal was great. Fantastic value. But I felt ashamed towards the owners Anja Stiba (Service) and Bernd Schwarz (kitchen). So at the end I gave half of my discount back as tip. Because they were giving 120 %. The service was very kind and the kitchen was doing perfect.

Restaurant Bass Labskaus (Bass-Kaus)

They even started upfront with a good bread and a quark (German style, between cream cheese and sour cream) spread.

We did not go for starters as we were not so hungry. So we order mains and desserts instead. About the Bass kitchen concept:
In our food & drink menu we combine our origin, Rügen & Baden. We obtain our food from selected suppliers, for example, we get the fish freshly caught from the trawler from Saßnitz, from Esskultur Rügen Christian Mahnke, and the game from the Schorfheide from our hunter Jörn Korte. Here we focus on sustainability and buy and process the animals as a whole. Our concept from North and South is also reflected in our range of drinks, the beer from the North, from the Störtebeker brewery in Stralsund and the wine from the Baden region, from the Baden winegrowers’ cooperative.”

Superb Spätzle (hand made pasta) with three cheeses

Restaurant Bass is not focussing on tourist: No english menu! But small risk for open-minded non German speaking people: All was good. Anja will help you to find the right meal!

Sweet water fish on Champagne – Sauerkraut and real home made potatoes mash

If you don’t like this kind of challenge, study their website before. But be aware that the menu can change quickly if something is sold out.

Apple beignets (normally it comes with ice cream, but I asked for without. For sure a mistake, because the chocolate ice cream was home made and of high quality.)

You feel that Bernd was before working in some of the best restaurants as in the Residence ** Essen, where also TV Chef Nelson Müller was working under the wonderful headchef Henri Bach.

Sorbet with sparkling wine

We found a great restaurant for every day, where we for sure will go again. They offer German food in a modernized and good way. Everything from the kitchen is pretty perfect done (Henri Bachs School!) In the evening a three course menu is 27 € while 4 course is 32 €.

We all left VERY happy and will return for sure!

Restaurant website

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